Luxury Lifestyle for The Modern Feminine Woman

Connect with like-minded women through a global and local network

Who is the ‘modern feminine woman’?

She exudes feminine energy, charm and grace, whilst valuing drive, ambition and success

She takes pride in her feminine power and doesn’t try to be anyone else.

She understands the true essence of authentic female friendship

She understands that her network is her net-worth

She’s a social butterfly who enjoys memorable experiences

She values authenticity

She values self-development and self-care

She wants the best that life has to offer

She wants to attract like-minded people

She knows her worth

Does this sound like you?

You’re making positive changes in your life but you don’t have like-minded women in your life who can support and encourage you

You have life goals you still haven’t achieved, and you’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. You’re ready to see real tangible results in 6 – 12 months

You want to enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle, but lack the financial security and social network to enjoy these experiences with

You want to become a more cultured and well-rounded woman, with a range of interesting hobbies and interests – but you don’t know where to start

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

  • You have too much self doubt
  • You’re not surrounded by supportive like-minded people
  • You’re scared to take action
  • You’re not investing in yourself
  • You’re not consistent
  • You lack patience
  • You’re lacking mentorship and guidance

Imagine the Possibilities

What if I told you there was a better way?

Foster meaningful relationships with like-minded women through shared experiences

Receive guidance and mentorship from women who truly understand you

Embrace your femininity and re-discover your worth.

Truly feel comfortable in your own skin

Become part of a supportive community

Your life before joining:

Your life after joining:



The Crowned Social Club

A global directory of like-minded women who will become your accountability buddies and lifelong friends


What You'll Gain

The Crowned Social Club is made for women who are passionate about self-development and desire to expand their social network.

Members Directory

A global directory of like-minded women to connect and meet up with

Virtual networking

You don’t need to live in a major city to enjoy the club benefits. There are plenty of opportunities to get to know and learn from our members virtually.

Local events

Our events team are dedicated to planning truly luxurious experiences and memorable events for our members, allowing you to broaden your perspectives, enrich yourself and make new friends.

membership perks

Special offers and discounts from our brand partners, exclusively for our members






As you move up in the world and get invitations to important events, you’ll have to deal with increasingly complex dress codes. This guide is for you if you’ve ever had trouble decoding a dress code, and want to look perfectly polished whilst following etiquette rules



If you’re having trouble planning your next vacation, or you’re looking for a luxury event to make new connections, this guide is for you.



If you’ve ever had trouble understanding luxury sports such as polo, golf and auto racing, this guide will break everything down, including the best tournaments to visit.

Plus, You'll also get

Continued support


Join our monthly Champagne Hour on Zoom to introduce yourself to our new members, get advice and network.


Chat with members in our private forum. We welcome all topics and questions, so don’t be shy!


Easily connect with women in your area to organise meet-ups and attend events with


£19.99 | £199

“The Crowned Social Club is a very friendly, fun and professional group of ladies that has always welcomed me with open arms from day one. If you want to make new connections, upgrade your lifestyle and overall have a great time, look no further than the CSC!”

Moushumi, LONDON

“My personal experience of joining The Crowned Social Club has been wonderful so far. I have attended some offline social events in London, where Dami and Beverly have shown themselves as highly professional amazing hosts, never leaving any guest without their personal attention and making everyone feel at home. I would highly recommend the Crowned Social Club to all the ladies wishing upgrade their levels in life, same as those who has already done it, as we all have a great opportunity to find new friends, get together following common interests and share life knowledge and experiences.”

olga, london

“My experiences at The Crowned Social Club have been very fulfilling and pleasant. Dami, the event organiser, has always been accommodating. I’ve enjoyed playing golf and having lunches/dinners with all of the members!”

anna, london

Is the Crowned Social Club for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

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The Crowned Social Club team will review your application to ensure you’re a good fit

Receive an email with instructions to join the members' platform

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Get immediate access to the members' platform

Jump right in! Introduce yourself to our members, sign up for our virtual and in-person events and start your lifestyle transformation


Beverly and Dami

Native New-Yorker Beverly comes from a public relations background. She has worked with iconic fashion brands such as Lanvin and Christian Louboutin. After a transition from PR to styling, her editorials were featured in international fashion publications such as Vogue Italia, Elle Vietnam, Made in Brazil, Fault UK and Jones Magazine. As a fashion stylist, she is best known for her trendy, innovative and bold style decisions.

After graduating with an architecture degree, Dami followed her passion and began a career in marketing and communications. Based in London, Dami has worked with leading design brands in the architecture and design industry.

In Summer 2020, Dami opened The Socialite Club Facebook group, originally a community for women to discuss luxury lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty and more. This has now transformed into The Crowned Social Club.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel The Crowned Social Club is not for you, you are able to cancel your membership at any time.

The Crowed Social Club was founded in London, so this is where most of our events take place. We also organise events in the USA and Europe, and aim to expand to further cities based on the level of demand.

If you’re a member and would like to organise an official event, please email hello(at)crownedsocialclub.com with your proposal.

We prioritise partnering and collaborating with our members. Please email hello(at)crownedsocialclub.com with your proposal.

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have about The Crowned Social Club. Please email hello(at)crownedsocialclub.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.